Promo Albert Heijn  
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Albert Heijn Smurf Pins
In February 2008, the Dutch grocery chain Albert Heijn released
special smurfs as a promotional item. If you spent  15 euros you
got a free smurf. The full set includes 15 smurf characters. Click
here to view the smurfs. AH also gave out free collector's boxes
and several leaflets, a game poster. There were also plush smurfs,
DVDs and books available.
On this page I show the items I was able to get thanks to two very
generous Dutch collectors. Thank you Lia for the Plush smurfs, and
thank you Ron all the promotional materials
Promotional Shop Posters
next to each other on either side for a continuous poster
no markings
Mouse over the images to view the other side of each card
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