These Catalogs provide information about smurfs and smurfy items..Some are released yearly for all
available Schleich items.
Some include checklists that collectors use to mark off the smurfs they have
Der Schlumpf Katalog IV
Smurf collectibles
an unauthorized handbook and
price guide
More Smurf collectibles
an unauthorized
Smurfs around the world
from Schleich, also includes golden
smurfs, 1986
Der Schlumpf Katalog 2000
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Official Schleich catalogs
They show the current Schleich range of smurf of that year
They are released in different countries and languages. You can find them in the stores that sell Schleich
The older a catalog the rarer it becomes
Smurf Collectables
Wallace Berrie & Co, 1982
1983 German
1984 Spanish
1985 French
1992 German
This catalog is a folded up double-sided poster
1994 German
1993 German
This catalog is a folded up double-sided poster
1995 German
1996 German
1997 German
1993 German
2000 German
1998 English
1999 Dutch, English, French
2002 English, French
2001 Belgium, Englisch, French
2003 German, English, French
DIN A 4 format and mini
2005 English, French
2006 Australia, French, Dutch
2008 Dutch, English, French,
German, Italian
DIN A 4 format and mini
2007 French, Dutch, Italian,
DIN A 4 format and mini
2009 Dutch, English, French,
2009 Spanish Catalog
Fold up Catalog
Exclusive Unicef Catalog 2008
showing the Celebrity Smurfs that
were auctioned off
Click on picture to see the
individual pages
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2009 Catalog for new school
supplies available in Belgium
Catalog inserts
These were included in the Supersmurf Boxes. They have a smurf display on one side and a smurf mark off
list on the other
1986 DIN A 4 Size Catalog
1987 DIN A 4 Size Catalog
1994 DIN A 4 Size Catalog
1986 DIN A 4 Size 30 years
Collectors' Catalog
1995 DIN A 4 Size Catalog
1997 DIN A 4 Size Catalog
1996 DIN A 4 Size Catalog
1999 DIN A 4 Size Catalog
1998 DIN A 4 Size Catalog
2004 English
1996 Irwin Toy Catalog
1983 German
2010 English
2011 English
2012 English
2015 English
2014 English
1985 German
Mafi Spanish catalog
2017 English