There are many different smurfy Christmas items...Ceramics, musical porcelain figurines, candytoppers,
Christmastreeballs, cups, plates, fake smurfs, and of course PVC smurfs and much, much more
I hope you enjoy scrolling thru the items I have
Christmas Items
Ceramic Christmas Collectibles
There are four ceramic smurf displays and two ceramic musical figures
The Markings are
Smurf Christmas Collectables Peyo SEPP 1982 Wallace Berrie & Co, In, Made in Taiwan
These are smurf heads that can be put over
the electric Christmas tree candles.
Merry Christmas from the Smurfs
Licensed thru I.M.P.S. Brussels
Peyo 1996
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Christmas Ornaments
No1 Teacher, Merry Christmas
Set of four ornaments
Happy Holidays
Incomplete Alderbrook
Hope this holiday season brings health, happiness,  and all  your favorite
Brainy & Jokey Porcelain
Merry Christmas  from the Smurfs, Schtroumpf Noel
Joyeuz Noel,  de la  famille  Schtroumpf, this was the night
Christmas Porcelain
Aropal France
Smurf Christmas Collectibles
"The Smurf Carolers" First of an anual limited edition
Peyo S.E.P.P, Wallace Berrie & Company, INC, Made in Japan
Musical Smurfs
Smurfette Angel
Electronics calfax Inc 1982
Licensed by Wallace Berry &
Van Nuys Co
Listen to the music
Jocquot Chocolatier
Gifts that came inside the 2007 Advents calendar
Musical Papa Smurf Santa
Electronics Calfax Inc 1982
Licensed by Wallace Berry & Co
Van Nuys Co
The Caganer " El Caganer"
Anna Ma Pla
Fet a ma. Fet a catalunya

Literally translated from Catalan, it means "The great shitter" or "the merry Fertilizer".
During the 18th century, people in Catalonia put the Caganer into the Christmas manger. He was a good luck
charm that was said to bring good luck to the soil of the farm (by fertilizing the ground). He also was said to
bring happiness to the farmer and his family. Not to put him in the manger was considered to bring bad luck
to the family.

Nowadays, the figure has evolved from the shitting peasant to relevant and famous figures of the Spanish
Candy Toppers
Peyo Exclusive CE Licensee: BIP Holland, Licensed thru IMPS (Brussels)
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Hallmark Ornaments
2010 Macy's Christmas Items
2010 Christmas Plush and Finger figures
2010 Promotional Macy Bag - Front and Back
2010 Macy Smurf Displays
Misc Christmas Items
Christmas Lunch Napkings
Christmas Beverage Napkings