Decorating Displays
Motif Decoratif pour chambre d'enfant
Ceiling hanging Smurfs Displays
Smurfs that can hang off the ceiling, the same image is on both sides
they are 19.5" at their longest side
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Displays for Village Scenes
The two displays are part of Kombi sets that are highly collectible
and come with smurfs and super smurfs for a full display.. There are
four different Kombi sets,
Wassersport (watersports)
Schule (school)
Ernte (Thanksgiving)

I only have two displays without the smurfs or boxes, which are high
on my want list
Water Dam
Smurf Village Display
This village display is made out of sturdier PVC. It looks great as
foundation of a village display.
It also comes in a box with smurfs and supersmurfs.
Meadow scene background display
This display is made of carton and is very sturdy and even stands up.
Part of the smurf train
made out of wood
Smurfs stage
made out of carton
W. Berrie Co
Pop Up Village Displays
© Peyo, 1983 Wallace Berrie & Co,
Printed in Singapore
Figures not included
Other Displays
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Smurf flag Line
used to promote the Skatterz in Dutch groceries stores in 2009
Thank you, Lia :)