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Foxi just suddenly appeared on day in 1998 and
never left.. I had never seen such a fea and tick
infested dog as him, it took two baths to clean him
up. He had a hurt hip (probably when he was
thrown out of a car) but no matter the pain, he
would follow us into the woods. It usually ended
with me carrying him back home.
The ugly duckling turned into a beautiful dog, that is
hard to handle at times. He loves to get the others into
trouble, and is as smart as fox.
He spends his days watching the house and waiting for
me to come out to play. It doesn't matter if he is in the
kennel or outside...whenever he hears or sees
movement in the house, he is up and ready to go.
Despite his bad hip, of all of my dogs, he seems to
have the least trouble getting older. He runs or walks
a step behind me, ready to jump up at me when I
stop walking..and is always up for getting  himself or
others into trouble. He and Peppy usually share one
house in the winter time...but when it's playtime, he
prefers Petee over everybody
Update 03/06/11:
We nearly lost Foxi in July of 2010 when he suddenly
couldn't use the bathroom anymore and stopped
eating. The vet had to surgically clean Foxi out and
discovered, that due to his broken hip as a puppy,
Foxi has an enlarged intestine which causes him
trouble when going to the bathroom. He also
discovered that Foxi has a shotgun pellet located in
his back, which does not seem to bother him, but
made us wonder what this poor dog had to go thru
before coming to us. 9 months after his operation,
Foxi has clearly grown older