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Georgie came up here in August 2010 with her little
sister Sassy. From the beginning, Georgie protected her
little sister against the unknown and has stayed very
close to her.
She is one of the most lovable dogs, I have ever
known..she will sit completely still when being petted,
and loves to give out kisses.
Being a large dog, she is very strong and always hungry
Georgie was named after my favorite Australian
Rugby League Club, St. George Illawarra Dragons. In
August 2010, I was very hopefuly that the Dragons
would win the NRL premiership and decided to name
one of the my new dogs in their honor...In October
2010, St. George Illawarra won their first premiership
in 31 years. I like to think that Georgie brought them
luck lol
ever known (she will not forget anything, especially
not where the food is hiding), but also a very funny
dog. For some reason she loves to be higher up than
the other dogs..and she loves to sit on top of the dog
houses instead of inside.
After six months, Georgie has grown to be the largest
of my dogs..but she remains one of the friendliest and
lovable dogs.