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Mogli came into my life one month after Paulchen left it. I
didn't want another cat so soon, but when Mogli came to
my parent's garden, my stepfather knew this was the cat for
me. My life has never been the same since July 2007. Mogli
me. My life has never been the same since July 2007. Mogli
came and conquered. He didnt' keep still and wasn't quiet
for the first three days and would only sleep on my lap, no
matter what I was doing. Everything I had, was being used
as his toy, closets were used as trees and even though he
never used the scratching posts (why use them when there
are carpets and furnitures), he loved to climb them.
As you can see, Mogli loved Christmas.....finally a
tree with balls to play with. Needless to say,
Mogli surivived Christmas a stronger cat, the
tree succumbed to the charms of Mogli and
became a shadow of itself and was finally given
the appropriate dumpster grave.
Other than Paulchen, he knows his name and
comes when called.  He usually stays close to me,
even if he isn't as cuddly as Paulchen.
He has become great company to me though and
even though my life has never been the same
since he came, his charms have finally broken my
resistance down...and I have grown to love him
very much.