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here. No matter what we tried, Paulchen came back. He was very shy
Paulchen was a cat who always knew what he wanted...he wanted to stay
though and even though he always came back he didn't want to be
touched or to be seen. He lived under the hood of our 1979 Thunderbird
and under our little shed. We started feeding him and getting him used to
us by staying around while he ate. Slowly, he trusted us enough to start to
play with us. One day, he became so comfortable, that he was out of his
hiding place while the dogs were outside as well, and Shyone got hold of
him. From that day onwards, Paulchen became a purely inside cat. He
stayed very shy and nobody but close blood family would ever see him.
Paulchen was a very uncomplicated and smart cat,
when he didn't eat his Sunday breakfast (a pouch
of extra meat) one morning, we knew he was sick.
He didn't eat all day and the vet told us he had to
operate on him. Paulchen survived the operation
very well and hated his treatment of being spoon
fed every 2 hours for a week. And we had learned
our lesson. No more was that what
had stopped up Paulchen stomach. After that,
Paulchen became known as the $700 cat.
In June 2007, when I came home one day, he didn't come
to greet me as he usually does and I knew something was
up. Paulchen was very weak, but I overnight and I took off
for the rest of the week to spoon feed him and also spoon
water him. He tried to eat himself the bowl trying to eat
and drink. I took him to a vet who doing better, when he
started to have seizures. After a particularly bad one,
which left him nearly paralyzed, I knew I had no other
choice but to take him to my regular vet. The picture on
the left shows how Paulchen looked and you will know the
Paulchen was 8 when he passed away..and it was peaceful
in the end. While waiting for the vet, Paulchen had the
strength to snuggle up to me again  as if he was telling
me it was ok, and he died peacefully with me stroking his
little head. He is buried next to Shyone.