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One year after we got Petee and Shyone, the owner of their
mother came by the house to show me his latest litter. As much
as I wanted another little puppy, I knew three dogs would be
too many. The owner told us that he would put the litter up at
hold out one hour..after that I drove to the store. Much to my
surprise one little pup was left...the little one that looked exactly
like Petee and Shyone...Look at the could I say no??

As soon as the little pup was at home, she started to climb the
stairs and to play around, hence her name Peppy. Since it was
still March and cold, we let her stay inside the house in my
bathroom which she soon started to tear apart. She moved out
to the others in April of the same year. By that time, we wanted
to give her away as we didn't want another male dog, but
nobody wanted a male dog either.
Shyone hated Peppy from the start and would
regularly viciously bite her. After the first episode, we
took Peppy to the vet, who told us two things..first it
didn't need stitches since Peppy was so young and she
was a female.
Peppy is a very lovable independent little dog, who
has a lot of beagle in her. She loves to find out what
the interesting smells in the woods are and can be
gone for hours at a time after which she comes back
home as if nothing happened. She loves to fact
she loves it so much, she will jump up high in the air
She was the only one who never missed Shyone (who can
blame her), and after Shyone's death she become more
lovable than ever. She will come up to you and either
jump up until she has gotten enough cuddles or just
snuggle up to you.
Peppy was born in 1998 and will be 11 years old soon.
She doesn't know though. Except for some arthritis,
which hits her before a rain hits us, she still jumps off the
porch as if she was a young pup.
Update April 16th, 2009
Little Peppy left us today. She got very sick by Monday and
wasn't able to walk without falling down. Each day she got
weaker. At first I thought it was her arthritis after days of rain
and storms but she got worse with each day. On Wednesday
she wasn't able to get up or sit up by herself although she was
able to walk for three steps before falling down. I spent every
free minute with her, trying to make her comfortable but knew
she was in a lot of pain. I even took her into her beloved
woods but she wasn't able to walk or to lean down to sniffle,
but her wagging tail showed me she enjoyed looking around
while leaning against my leg. The picture to the right is the
last picture taken off her sitting down in her spot for the last
time. Thursday morning all she was able to move was her
head. Finally the sun came out for the first time this week, so I
put her on her pillow on the backporch where she watched the
birds and licked my hands as I gave her water. It was a hard
decision taking her to the vet as I wanted her to go to sleep at
home, but the vet confirmed to me that this would have been
unnecessary torture as she was in a lot of pain. We decided
against tests to see what was wrong..she was 11 years old and
didn't deserve to be put thru more pain. She died while the
two people who loved her the most and who she loved the
most stroked her head.

Run free, Little Pepina in the eternal woods...where you can
sniffle out every scent and nobody will call you back by
shouting " Pepina, come here".  I will miss you bunches and
bunches, especially our wagging tail which of was the only
sign that you actually heard me calling you, my little rascal :)