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Petee has been my dog from the beginning. He was from the
same litter as Shyone. As we were carrying Shyone to the car,
Petee didn't stop playing with my feet, so we took him as well. At
home, he starting whining unless he was on my lap, hence his
name. It got so bad at times, that I put a chair in the kennel, as he
wouldn't go to sleep unless I was in there holding him. He grew
out of that quickly though :)
Petee is a large dog and it is fun to watch him run.
He is also the most faithful of my dogs, and is
what I like to call "My" dog. He knows me inside
time, he was there and stayed close to me. At
times I even used his back to cry into.
hardest hit by her never coming back from her
excursion over the highway.
Since her death, he has become deathly afraid of
thunderstorms and as soon as he hears a loud
noise, he will find a way to get out of the kennel to
hide under the porch
But, he cheers up as soon as the sun is out and runs
around as if he was 10 years younger.
He is a very loving and patient dog..and just the best of
the whole bunch.
Update 03/06/11:
In November 2010, Petee had a stroke one
Tuesday afternoon. He was very weak,
disoriented and didn't know his surroundings and
myself. I thought I'd lose him that day, but after a
week, Petee started eating again and I knew he
would be around for a bit longer. He will never be
the same, but since his stroke he has gotten
even more friendly than before, and more fixed
on me. He spends the cold or rainy nights in the
garage now. I think, at 14 years of age, he has
thorougly deserved that priviledge :)
Update 08/11/11:
Petee passed away on 07/29/11 at home in his garage. He was walking with the rest of the dogs and myself in the early
morning hours, but when I went back outside during my morning break, I found him slumped over the front porch stairs. He
was completely paralyzed from the neck down, and I knew fairly soon that he would not come out of this last battle alive.
Thankfully, I found a vet who makes home visits, and Petee fell into an everlasting sleep four hours after I found him.

He was a very special dog who is sorely missed...even by Foxi who has not been the same since his old buddy Petee left us.