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Shyone was in the same litter as Petee and the
dog I first picked out. She was hiding behind a
the garage door, and just peeked out from
behind it to look at me when we went to pick
out our first puppies from at first but watch out
once you get to know her) that I had to take her
with me. My cousin was very shy for anybody
else to notice her and if ShyOne was a simple
"Honey, she is yours..You can call her whatever
you want"..and the shy dog became Shyone
Shyone turned out be anything but shy.
She was very strong-willed, and hard to
train. She also was very jealous and when
Peppy joined us, she would bite her
viciously about every six months.
Nevertheless, Shyone was a very loving
dog, that loved to cuddle with me. She
also loved to protect me from any
hardware items she found.
She loved to run wild and to roam the
woods chasing deers or rabbits.
I always tried my hardest to train the dogs
to not run to the front of the property
where the highway is. All of them listened,
except for Shyone who would try my
patience by regularly running to and over
the highway. She never did it in front of
me but first ran into the woods and then
to the highway when I wasn't looking
In 2004, I received a call at work that Shyone had been run
over by a car on the highway. Even though I went home right
away,  knew I had lost her. We buried Shyone at the foot of
our property.
Shyone was 7 years old when she died. From all I know she
never knew what hit her and was dead immediately.