Food Wrappers Page 2
Peyo, Brussels
Lunch bag
Peyo 1983
Smurf Candy
Topps Chewing Gum
Pierrot, Papa Smurf head
Peyo, Licensed by I.M.P.S.
Pierrot, Smurfette head
Peyo, Licensed by I.M.P.S.
These were sold in Europe in the 80s and were
filled with yummy icecream. The hat is removable
so the lucky consumer was able to scoop the
icecream out of the smurf head
Smurf Pez Bonbons
Markings: ED. HAAS GMBH
A-4050 Traun/Austria
Smurf Candy Containers
2007, Peyo, Licensed thru IMPS, available in Europe
Smurf Candy
© Peyo 2008
Smurf Candy
© Peyo 2008
Haribo Schluempfe (Germany) 150 pieces
© Peyo 2005, licensed through IMPS
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It was also available as a gift set in Belgium.
The giftset came with the candy container keychain and a egg that contained a puzzle,
five small smurf stickers, and candy. You could collect 12 different puzzles
Misc Food Wrappers
Smurfette head
probably goes on top of a bottle
Swedish Candy boxes
containing different kind of candies per box
They are very small in size (around 3")
There are several different ones to collect
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Kellog's box from the Netherland in which the Skatterz came in
here to view pictures of the game pieces
De Smurfen
Chocolat Blanc Petillant
Witte Knetter Chocolade
White Chocolate sticks
De Smurfen
Chocolat au Lait
Melk Chocolade
Milk Chocolate sticks
Italian Cake Mixes