I have been collecting smurfs for as long as I can
remember. Growing up in Germany, smurfs seemed
to be always around me even though I didn't really
realize that new ones were released each year until  
I discovered the cartoon series on TV in the late 80s.
By that time, I already had about 30 smurfs and the
large smurf house that always seemed to be in my
possession and that I usually kept in a plastic bag
unless i brought them out and displayed them which
happened about once a year.
Although I never had a huge liking for plush smurfs,
my first smurfy memory is about a tall Plush Papa
Smurf. I was about five years old, and as every year,
my mother took me to the yearly fair in Stuttgart. One
of the booths had the Papa Smurf as a prize and I
just wanted him...so my mother gave it her best and
she did win him for me. He was so tall, or I was so
small, but he nearly was my size and we must have
made a funny picture on the train ride home..I
remember people looking at us and laughing at us. I
didn't care...I had my Papa Smurf and I was happy lol
When I moved to the US, my grandmother gave all
my smurfs away without me knowing it and when I
realized that they were missing she confessed to me
what she had done. This was before I discovered
ebay, and I didn't find any smurfs at all in America.
When I returned to Germany for a week to visit with
me and yes, we found smurfs. The smurfs were into
the back room to a box full of smurfs. At that time I
was only interested in getting the smurfs I had as a
About a year later, being bored on a Sunday books
and a few weeks later I thought I could look if there
are some smurfs on ebay.......and the rest is history
At first I was only interested in getting the smurfs I
liked..then I discovered how much fun it is to sell
some and so I sold all the smurfs I wasn't too fond
Unfortunately, I didn't like the smurfs that proved to be rare and I was sometimes very surprised at the high
prices my smurfs would go for.
About a year or so later, I joined a smurf forum (
Blue Cavern) and I soon lost all interest in selling smurfs
but wanted to keep them myself..and since then I keep everything that has a smurf on it. I still sometimes
sell smurfs on ebay (my doubles) but I much rather trade them.
Since joining the forum I have made many many wonderful smurfy friends, a lot of them I have met last year
at the yearly smurf fair
Since my friends around here aren't really interested in smurfs, I decided to create a website to share my
passion with everybody around the world who is also interested in smurfs.

There are many people I should thank for the ongoing support and help with this website and interest in my
collection, but I am afraid I would leave somebody out if I started naming each person, or this page would
never end.
I do however, want to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation to Andrew, Rachel and Staci,  who not
only gave me the warmest of welcomes to the forum but without them this website would not be here. From
the beginning they have been more than helpful with their advise as to how to start and set up a site and
how to make a website presentable and interesting.
About Me
This is me when I find smurfs
Some of the wonderful smurfers I met at Passion 07 in
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