Argentinia Minimodels
Argentina MiniModels are official Schleich smurfs that were never mass produced. They have about the
same size as the mass produced smurfs. The name Minimodels comes from the their maker. Since the quality
mass produce them.
The material is harder than the normal smurfs, and the paintjob is not as good as that of the official smurfs.
Minimodels are usually easy to recognize by their tail which only has the tip painted blue
Their marking is usually also different. However, there are also Minimodels that have no markings, which
makes recognizing them so much more interesting....or difficult, which ever way you like to look at it lol..and
if you aren't confused enough now...there is one more marking (Schleich, Peyo)
The easiest way to this
Peyo, Schleich,
MiniModels, Industria
Argentinia and a heartlike
20049 Tennis Smurf
20141 Papa Captain
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20018 Crying Smurf
20029 Coin Smurf
20078 Beer Smurf
This is a repainted MiniModel.
Years ago, an Argentinian collector and
football/soccer fan bought an old stock of
this smurf from the MiniModel series and
repainted them in blue/yellow. These are the
colors of one of the best known Argentinian
soccer clubs "Boca Juniors".

Thank you Joaquin, for this special smurf and
the story behind it
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20059 Bookworm Smurf
20053 Icecream Smurf
20074 King Smurf
20062 Telephone Smurf
20104 Pirate Smurf
20097 Injured Smurf
20232 Gargamel with labglasses
20018 Crying Smurf
20019 Smurf w/Flower
20045 Painter Smurf
20044 Lover Smurf
20064 Toothbrush Smurf
20082 Shy Smurf
20080 Biscuit Smurf
20087 Axe Smurf
20100 Smurf with Cake
20103 Pupil Smurf
20101 Fisherman Smurf
20134 Judo Smurf