Fake McDonald Smurfs
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One of the smurf mysteries of 2008 is the appearance of Mcdonald Smurfs made in China, which are clearly
Fakes. It is unknown why McDonald smurfs, which are some of the most available and least valuable smurfs,
are being faked and sold by HongKong sellers.

They are very easy to distinguish from the genuine McDonald smurfs
- The fake ones do not have the McDonald M-trademark, neither on the hat nor on the figures
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The fake ones come with a Schleich tag attached, but the genuine McDonald smurfs were never licensed by
Schleich and have no mention of Schleich on them
- The original McDonald smurfs have only Peyo '97 (using the font type Freestyle Script) as their markings,
but the fake ones state Peyo, 1997, made in China (using the font type Arial)
- The colors of the fake smurfs are darker
- The paint job of the fake McDonald smurfs is very very sloppy and not at all detail oriented..Whole parts of
the smurfs are not colored or only barely colored