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French Handicapped Smurfs
In 1994, the "Association des Paralyses de France" in association with Peyo created and
released two special smurfs, which were sold for 40 Francs per set. The proceeds went to
the Association. They also released a special comic book "Les Schtroumpfs Eclopes" that
told the story of the two special smurfs.

The Association des Paralyses de France also published a pamphlet set and sent it to
French schools. The pamphlet set was created to help teachers and students to learn
about accident prevention and what follows after accidents occur. It deals thru all the
normal steps like the recovery, how the handicapped person deals with it, how his
environment deals with it, how handicapped people are viewed, and how to integrate
them into society.

The Markings of the smurfs are
©  Peyo 1994
The smurfs
The Seller Display box
The Comic Book
The Order sheet for the smurfs
and comic book
The Pamphlet set that was sent to schools
The Pamphlet set
The introduction to the individual leaflets and their themes
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