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Kinder Eggs
Kinder eggs are distributed by Ferrero world-wide (except for
the US because of safety concerns about the toys inside the
eggs). The German term "Kinder" means children, and the eggs
were originally intended for children over the age of 3 (again
because of safety concerns). When I grew up in Germany, I
often found the Kinder Ueberraschungseier (as they are called
in Germany meaning Children suprise eggs) near the cash
registers in grocery, department and drug stores. They always
provided me with a perfect treat. I loved them for their yummy
chocolate and the surprise toy in it, and my parents loved to
get me one or two of them because they were more
inexpensive than other candy.
Kinder eggs consist of a thin
layer of milk chocolate spread
over a thin layer of white
chocolate making it a special
and very tasty treat for young
and old. Inside the chocolate
egg is a plastic egg, which
contains the toy.
The surprise is that you never know which toy you find in
Ferrero often runs a special series for a limited time. The
series consist of popular characters and are highly
collectible. They are promised to be found in at least every
7th egg, the others eggs hold other toys which make up a
"by series".
When the 2008 smurf promotion ran in October/November
2008, I noticed that the smurfs were in the orange eggs and
the by series was in the normal light yellow eggs. Of
course, you still didn't know which smurf you got until you
opened the egg. As with other surprise things, you end up
with a lot of doubles and usually come short of one or two
characters you need to complete your collection.
Kinder toys have a market on their own by now, and are
very collectible items. So if you don't get the character you
need to complete your series, you can always find it on
ebay or among other collectors that are usually more than
happy to trade with you.
There are also yearly catalogs available that show you all of
the toys that were released over the years and their value
(some are very valuable)
Inside the plastic egg, you find
the unassembled toy with the
BZP (a paper telling you about
the character you just "won"
and also showing the other
characters of that series). Since
the Kinder toys are intended for
young children, they are usually
easy to assemble, although I
Collectors also love to collect
displays, dioramas, seller's puzzles
that come with the kinder toys as
well. Since these items are usually
rarer than the toys themselves,
they are also more popular and
higher valued.
Sometimes, Ferrero also
releases the so-called
Maxi-Eggs, which hold larger
toys, or even small playsets.
these Maxi Eggs are about
twice as tall as the normal
eggs and much rarer.
Kinder Smurfs
Some smurf collectors love the Kinder smurfs because their mold is
very different to the Schleich PVCs. Other smurf collectors despise
promotions. I, personally, like them and collect them because they
are so different, they are cute............and well, I collect everything
smurfy :)

There are two different kind of Kinder smurfs. The first (and more
valuable) sets were the so-called mono blocs. They are smurfs that
you don't need to assemble and were made of very hard,
unbendable pvc.

Later generations of Kinder smurfs needed to be assembled and
are much more common and cheaper.

There are also a few Kinder smurf playsets available like the train
set, windmill and others.

Unlike the normal PVC smurfs, there aren't any real variations
among the kinder smurfs, which makes it much more likely that you
will be able to complete a set. However, since the older generation
of kinder smurfs (the Mono Blocs) have become very rare,
collecting kinder smurfs can become a very expensive part of your
smurf collection.
Click here to access my Kinder smurf pages. You will find pictures of the ones I have, and the names of the
ones I am still missing.

Dragon's Cave is a fabulous website that shows one of the most complete Kinder smurf collections I know of.
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