Kinder Smurfs
Olympiade der Schluempfe
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To complete this series, I still need:
Smurfette with jumping rope

The smurfs I am still missing of this series are among the rarest Kinder smurfs and can
be very expensive. As with the 1980 series, the accessories of these four smurfs can be
easily faked, as the accessories are often lost and new ones are put with the smurfs to
"complete" them.
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Papa Referee
Sack race Smurf
Seek Smurf
Light red ball
Jumpball Smurf
Dark red ball
Negerkuss smurf
Negerkuss is a German sweet.
A marshmallow paste is set on top of a
small waffle and glaced in chocolate
Egg race smurf
missing egg on the spoon
All of these smurfs represent games that are very popular among German children and often played on
campgrounds or schools outings