Promo Smurfs
Malteser Smurfs
Petit Gervais
A Belgium yoghurt brand
Silan Smurfs
ASS Promotionals
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Omo Mini Smurfs
these were hidden in washing powder boxes. They are about 1" tall
OMO im different areas (hat, arms)
1983, Peyo
Thank you Staci for these
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Other First Aid Smurfs
Arbeiter-Samariter Bund
BP (British Petrol) Smurfs - National Garage Smurfs
Quick Promos
Belgium Foodstore Chain
OMO Smurfs
INA Smurfs
Waching Powder Smurfs, feel like rubbers eraser
SCCI Smurfs
For more information about the club, please click here
The certificates (these smurfs should never be bought without the certificates)
Other Promotional Smurfs using Schleich figures
Arbeiter-Samariter Bund
Phillips Bulbs and Battery
Canadian Hockey player
2014 Soccer World Cup Promo Smurfs
82944 - Belgium Team
82915 - The Netherlands Team
82917 - Red Devil
Belgium Team
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Spanish Promo Signbearer with traffic signs