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Bully/Schleich Variations
Made in Hongkong
Peyo © Schleich 1984
W. Berrie Co
Made in Hongkong
Peyo © Schleich 1984
W. Berrie Co
Leaning left
These are the Variations and smurfs I own of this particular mold. By no means, is this a complete list and it will hopefully be updated quite frequently. For
a complete list of marking variations of this mold as well as it's history, please refer to this very helpful website  
The Cursed Country
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2.0195 #1 Grad Smurf
Schleich Number: 2.0195 - release dates: 1985
Wallace Berrie Co Number: 6171 - release dates: 1985
Comparision between the genuine and fake # 1 Grad
The # 1 Grad is one of the rarer smurf molds released by Schleich during the "Golden 80s" of Schleich
The mold is of a typical American College graduate with the cap and robe, and my assumption is that it was
purely made for the American market as part of the Wallace Berrie Co promotion to bring smurf figures back
to the US in the mid 80s.
Because the mold is so unique, fakers soon started to make their fake molds based on the original, and most
are so good that it's hard to distinguish between the genuine Schleich mold and a fake one.
There are some differences though, which you can easily see especially when you have both, the genuine
and the fake one.
This is the front view of both molds.
The smurf with the larger face (on the left) is the
genuine one, the smurf with the smaller face (on
the right) is the fake one.
As often with fakes, because fakers have to
make their own mold, their creation ends up a
bit smaller than the original one as can seen in
this case in the face/head.
The # 1 Grad diploma is glued to the fake smurf
but firmly attached to the original should
not come loose if you want to buy a genuine one.
Another good comparision is the thickness of
the diploma. As you can see, the original
diploma (again on the left) is thinner, whereas
the fake diploma (on the right) is very thick.
You can also see that the head of the fake
smurf is leaning more towards the diploma,
whereas the original smurf is standing up and
The fake smurf seems more "sunken in".
On this picture, you can see the size difference.
The fake smurf (again on the right hand side,
standing behind the original one) is a little bit
smaller and seems more sunken in which is
probably the result of the maker making his/her
own mold based on the original smurf.
You can also see the distinct seams on the
hand, and the darker color used.
My #1 Grad was one of my first "rarer" smurfs I bought when I got into the collecting side of smurfs. I was crushed when I realized it is
a fake as I had spend quite a bit of money on it. However, a fellow collector told me to use it as a learning experience, because one day
I would get the original one, and once I have it, I can compare both. By the comparision, I would soon learn what to look for when trying
to distinguish between a fake and a genuine Schleich smurf. This was one of the best advise I got as a smurf collector, so if you find
out you have the fake #1 Grad, don't be discouraged...we all have been there..unfortunately...and after is still a smurf, isn't it?