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Brazil Hering
Brazil Herings were produced in Brazil. Everybody agrees that there are 23 smurfs in that series. They are
2.0001 Papa, 2.0008 Spy, 2.0009 Drummer, 2.0011 Laughing, 2.0014 Sunbather, 2.0015 Earache, 2.0023
Guitarist, 2.0033 Clown, 2.0034 Smurfette, 2.0036 Flying, 2.0040 Gift, 2.0041 Hiker, 2.0042 Chef, 2.0048 Flautist,  
2.0051 Bowler, 2.0054 First Aid, 2.0058 Champion, 2.0060 Candle, 2.0062 Telephone, 2.0063 Tailor, 2.0122
Cowboy, 2.0137 Surfboard, 2.0157 Grouchy

These smurfs are relatively rare and hard to find, especially in good condition.
The markings are
Hering, Made in Brazil
Peyo, Schleich
The three stripes on the smurf on the right have been believed to be
the Brazil Hering, you can see that it fits exactly. The marking for the
MiniModels is larger and the stripes wouldn't cover it up. Therefore I
have come to the conclusion that the smurfs with the three stripes are
really Brazil Herings.
20001 Papa Smurf
20040 Flowers and Gift
20040 Flowers and Gift
three stripes
20049 Flautist
20042 Chef
three stripes
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20023 Guitar Smurf
20008 Spy Smurf
20042 Chef
three stripes, dark gravy
20001 Papa Smurf
20009 Drum Smurf
20015 Earache Smurf
20014 Sunbather Smurf
20041 Hiker Smurf
20060 Candle Smurf
20062 Telephone Smurf
20058 Champion
20051 Bowler
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