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The smurfsGames/El Parchis De Los Pitufos
Comansi, S.A.
C/Ricart, 16-18
Each side of the board holds a different game.
Move over the image to see the reverse side of the
Mini-smurfs and the box that holds it them
Instructions how to play them (Thank you, Joaquin for giving those to me :))
smurfette). It is originally called "El juego de la oca" (the game of the goose).
The instructions are general...You only have to use the word "goose" for

The Game of the Goose originated in Italy and is regarded as the father of
the modern race game. It was probably based on earlier games from the Far
and Middle East but the first mention of it is as a gift sent by Francesco de'
Medici, Grand Duke of Florence (1574-1587) to King Philip II of Spain. The
game was called Gioco dell'Oca and it introduced the new element ofthemes
and illustrations into a board game. The game has remained remarkably
consistent in all its variations over the years.


The basic design of the game and its layout is adhered to in all games of
goose. The playing surface is a track, usually a spiral, with 63 numbered
playing spaces. Players begin by placing an agreed stake into a pool, usually
in the centre. They then move their playing pieces along the track, each
move dictated by the throw of two dice. The winner is the player who
reaches the last numbered space, 63, with an exact throw. If a greater
number than is required is thrown, the player must move their piece to 63
and then backwards down the track. The winner receives all the stakes in
the pool. Many of the playing spaces are blank, others have illustrations and
set eventualities. There are usually 13 spaces with a picture of a goose.
Landing on these means you can move forwards again by the same number
you have just thrown.

Nr 7-12…If you land nr 7, you go directly to nr 12, and the opposite
Nr 26-53. If you land nr 26, you go directly to nr 26, and the opposite
Nr 43. If you land nr 43, you need to get 5 or 6 in your next play to leave this
Nr 21, 31, 52. You lose your turn to throw the dices next play

Death is the worst space and is placed near the end of the game. Landing
here means starting again at the beginning. (in this smurfy game, death is
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