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1998 Leaflet showing the range of toys available in Canadian Kinder
eggs, including smurfs
Below a close up of the smurf range
1990 Kinder Soccer Smurf Sellers Case
used by trade people to promote the Kinder smurf set in England
2008 Total Verschlumpft Kinder Smurf Series
Paper wrapper for the six pack
I didn't actually see this one in the stores
Wrapping for the six packs of eggs, promising 2
smurfs per pack
Store display box
Individual eggs were stacked in this box in
smaller stores on shelves, promising a
smurf in every 7th egg
Select stores sold three packs in this box
Kindersmurf diorama
The story of this series:
Papa Smurf managed to mixed up his magic potions big
time. All of his smurfs are messed up and nothing seems
right in the village.
None of the smurfs came with their correct accessories
This special house diorama is
numbered (5000) with a tag
taped to the bottom of the
house. It was meant as a display
only and was not to be sold.
The house has two rows and
the smurfs are taped to it
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