Metal Smurfs
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Pewter Smurfs
They were made by American Pewter and are made out of Pewter, which is a malleable metal alloy,
traditionally between 85 and 99 percent tin, with the remainder commonly consisting of copper, antimony and
Mine do not have any markings
2.0031 Mailman
2.0181 Gargamel with net
Fake Metal Smurfs
At first view they look like the Pewter Smurfs, but they are of poorer quality and always unmarked.
The first picture shows what their feet look like from below
20077 - Naughty
20074 - King Smurf
20050 - Pointing
20001 - Papa Smurf
View from below
Brass Smurfs
Made by a Canadian Brass Company.
These were never licensed by IMPS
20079 Jolly
20077 Naughty
20011 Laughing
20002 Normal
2.0046 Emperor
2.0040 Smurf w/Gift and Flowers
2.0036 Flying Smurf