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Smurfs in Various Stores
With the smurf movie released in July, 2011 proved to be a very smurfy year for collectors. Quite a few stores not only
brought the smurfs out, but also displayed them quite nicely.
Here is a collection of pictures that I took on my quest to finally find smurfs in the stores.
Toys R Us
Toys R Us was clearly the leader with smurf merchandise as they offered several different smurf items (and also Schleich
smurfs) in their stores and online.
Unfortunately (for me in Tennessee), my local Toys R Us did not have the items nicely displayed, except for the Schleich
decade boxes.
I found this Wii display in Delaware during my weekend spent up
there with friends Stace and Dyar (you can see his collection on
Build - A - Bear
They only had a limited amount of smurfs which were quickly sold out, but arguably the best store displays. Pictures were
taken in Chattanooga, TN
The elusive cereal boxes
I took this picture in a small grocery store in Amish Country (near Hershey, PA) after going thru countless of grocery
stores looking for it.
McDonalds Display
McDonalds started their smurf movie promotion on July 29, 2011 the day the movie was released in the US. They quickly
sold out of their smurfs and the promotion only lasted about 3 weeks.
These pictures were taken at several different McDonalds in Chattanooga, TN. All of them had the window poster, but
only few had the door cling..and only one had the handpainted smurf window picture.
Target had a small section dedicated to smurfs.....I never saw it filled up, I went to the store the week after the movie, and
as you can see the store was pretty much sold out of smurfs. Picture taken in Chattanooga, TN
Smurfs in the Movie Theater
My local movie theater in Chattanooga, TN, went all out with their smurf displays. Not only did I find the well known
hanging smurfs, but the whole foyer was dedicated to smurfs. Even the staff dressed up as smurfs (no picture). They also
had a display to promote Build - a - bear smurfs which were already sold out by that time in my local stores.
This was build up right behind the cash registers
The hanging smurfs, that pretty much every theater worldwide
Display promoting Build-A-Bear.
A huge display for picture opportunities with the smurfs
The huge standee that was also displayed in all
movie theaters world-wide.
However, Toys R Us has been great for smurf collectors and had below display even last year in 2010 to promote the
50th Anniversary plush