The following smurfs are officially licensed smurfs from Bully or Schleich with some errors.
The errors can be vary from unpainted eyes or mouths to some major errors in the mold (see the flower
smurf). Some of the smurfs are also half painted. I am not sure why these were only partially painted, but one
theory is that since smurfs are handpainted the painters stopped painting them if they saw a defect in the
material or made a paint error (painting a part of the smurf with the wrong color)
Some of the smurfs on this page look like they were altered by a previous owner but since it's obvious that
they were less than perfect when they left the factory I included them as Error smurfs on this page.
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Smurfs with Errors
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20031 Mailman
20059 Teacher
20043 Digger
20028 Gardener Smurf
20067 Congratulations
20071 Flying
20076 Courting
20088 Traveler
20076 Courting
20093 Tennis
20095 Oboe
20421 Smurfette w/ flower
20091 Skier
20538 Classic Jokey
20739 Olympic Relay Runner
20098 Ballerina Smurfette
unpainted base