Fake Kinder Smurfs
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To celebrate the smurfs 50th anniversary in 2008, Ferrero in Germany released a special smurf series called
"Total Verschlumpft".  According to the story of this series, one of Papa smurfs experience went wrong and
his smurfs ended up with the incorrect accessories.
Sellers from HongKong started selling their own version of the series, which differs very much from the
original Kinder series.
The main differences are:
- The Size. Kindersmurfs are about half the size of PVC smurfs, however the ones from HongKong are of the
size of a normal smurf..and the figure is more like a Schleich figure than a Kinder figure. My theory is that the
makers of the fakes based their version on previously released smurfs.
- The Hongkong Kinders all came with their correct accessories (since the accessories are interchangable I
put the genuine Kinders with their correct accessory as well)
The fake ones come with a Schleich tag attached, but the genuine Kinder smurfs were never licensed by
Schleich and have no mention of Schleich on them
- The original Kindersmurfs have only Peyo 2008 as their markings, but the fake ones state Peyo 2008, made
in China
Despite all of these differences, these are probably the best made HongKong fakes yet, and many collectors
actually prefer them over the genuine Kinder smurfs
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- The Hongkong version is not complete, as there are either accessories missing or are not completely