Misc. Items
Smurf water wing..
markings: Made in Taiwan, for Aqua
fun, Australia PTY. LTD
Peyo, BP Australia 82
Smurf Water wing
markings: peyo 1982, Licensed by
Wallace Berrie & Co, Van Nuys, CA
Phone Card
W.T. TeleCom
Baby Smurf Egg decorating Kit
Smurf Series Frisbee
Wham -O
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Licensed by Wallace Berrie & Co
Van Nuys CA
Smurf clips
1983 Schleich, Wallace Berrie & Co, HongKong

They have a clip on the backside. The same figures are also available as magnets. Instead of the clip on the backside they have a
magnet. You can see mine under the
magnet section of my site. The same figures are also glued on the little wall plates with German
sayings, which can be found under the
home decor section on my site
Front View
Back View
Smurf Photo Album
© Peyo, SEPP, BP Australia
Schtroumpf Sticker Poster
Hemma edition
Rubbelschluempfe mit Panoramakarte
© Peyo, 1983, Licensed by kortekaas
merchandising b.v./ el lizenz Muenchen
Smurf Water Fun
Random House
Smurfing Safari
Paper Handpupppet
no markings
Bicycle Signs
© Peyo, 1983
Licensed by Wallace Berrie & Co, Van Nuys, Co.
Smurf Trinkets
Little Tooth Trinkets
no markings
Smurf Ceramic Collectibles Porcelain
Wallace Berrie & Company Inc
Van Nuys, CA
Flappable Smurf pendants
Made in Taiwan
I am not sure what to make of them, but they are funny as they flap theirs arms. Click
here to watch them in
action :)
Thank you Bill, for sending those to me
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The Smurfs Keycap
LF Loungefly
2009 Licensed through Lafig Belgium
Smurf Plastic Signs
© Peyo, 2009 Licensed through Lafig Belgium
2011 Easter Show (Melbourne, Australia)
2011 Easter Show (Melbourne, Australia)